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2017 Year in Review

Dec 14, 2017 @ 11AM MT

Another year, another year in review! This time, not only do we reflect on the learnings this past year, we review if we managed to reach goals set. Have our opinions have shifted? What’s in store for 2018? That, plus our fave Rapidfire Questions. Happy holidays! See you next…

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Success from Failure

Jan 19, 2017 @ 11AM MT

Web developer and entrepreneur Erik Reagan returns to the show to talk about failure and success. He shares his own lessons learned about failing and finding professional success from those failures. We discuss what success and failure really is (hint: it isn't you), as well…

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2016 Year in Review

Dec 01, 2016 @ 11AM MT

Our 2016 finale is here, which includes our assistant Erin’s last hurrah with your hosts! What have we learned in business, tech and life? Did we reach the goals we set last year? What’s in store for 2017? All this, plus the results of all ours guests' Rapidfire Questions.…

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2015 Year in Review

Dec 03, 2015 @ 11AM MT

It's our last episode of 2015, which means another year in review! And since we had such a blast last year, our Bright Umbrella intern Erin Lewis joins us again! We each share our top lessons learned in tech, business and life in 2015, and we look forward to 2016 with hopes of…

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2014 Year in Review

Dec 11, 2014 @ 11AM MT

In our fourth annual Year in Review, Lea and Emily reflect on their lessons learned in tech, business and life during 2014. They also introduce Bright Umbrella intern Erin Lewis, who shares her experiences working for the company and supporting this podcast! Erin also compiles…

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2013 Year in Review

Dec 12, 2013 @ 11AM MT

For our last episode of 2013, we look back on the past year and share some of our lessons learned. From version control to planning to responsive builds, we talk about our new workflows, as well as the tools we're using. We also discuss what we learned about running a business…

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